There are typically three options when you need the use of a van. You can use a friends van, hire a van to drive yourself or use a man and van business. Here are the advantages to you of using Halifax man and Van over hiring from a self drive firm:

  • Self drive firms will typically need a deposit of between £100 to £150. One error of judgement and you could loose this deposit!


  • A self drive firm  does not supply the specialist equipment that comes as standards with Halifax Man and Van. We use ratchet straps for securing items, blankets for preventing scratches, trolleys for moving heavy items, ramps for loading and unloading motorbikes, quads etc, we can also supply tools if needed for taking legs off sofas etc.


  • With Halifax Man and van the driver will also assist you in moving items in and out of properties. We are experienced in moving heavy furniture, so sit back and let us do the hard work for you!

  • In the unlikely event of any breakages we will be insured to pay for it. A van hire company will not provide you with goods in transit insurance.



  • A self drive firm will not reimburse you for fuel that you havn’t used


Using Halifax Man and Van for single item deliveries in the local area could save you ££’s. We only charge £20 to £25 for single item deliveries in the Halifax area